The overall cost of designing a website varies considerably, and can range anywhere from $400 to $1400 (calculated as an hourly rate of $30/hr). The LARGEST determining factors when figuring cost are 1) the number of pages on the site, and 2) the amount and type of "interactive features" on those pages.

  • A simple site, like THIS one, with 5-6 pages consisiting of mostly text, a few images (or small gallery), and a simple form (such as a contact form), would typically cost about $500-600.
  • An even simpler site, with only 1-3 pages, might cost as little as $400, but that's about as low as it will get.
  • A site with a several interactive features, such as a small storefront or paypal buttons, a newsletter subscription form, imported blog content, an interactive calendar, a highly navigational gallery, music or video players, and the like, could cost $1000-$1400.
  • A large or highly customized online store could cost even more. BUT I will work with you to help you decide which features would be the most beneficial to have on your website, which features can be done a simpler way, and which features you can afford.

When choosing features, remember there's always more than one way to skin a cat, and I can honestly work around just about any budget. And of course...

Lastly, overall design quality is not a price factor. Neither is the cost to purchase and host a domain name (i.e. For the overwhelming majority of websites, that should only cost you about $25/yr, and the purchase and setup of your new website is naturally included in my services.

Contact me today, and together we'll work through a price quote for designing you an amazing new website that you can be proud of!

Designs for business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, magnets, brochures, and the like, are all quite easy to throw together once the design for your website has been established. For a small additional fee (usually about $55), I can design you an image file which you can then use to order any product you like from sites like,, or any site of your choosing. I can also place your order for you, if you prefer, for just $15 more.