My name is Gwendy Darling, and I am self-taught website designer with a background in computer science, graphic design, and (get this!) scrapbooking. This unusual combination has led me to a unique approach in designing websites that are unlike the majority of the websites on the WWW today.

  • They look strikingly similar to each other
  • They have a "busy" or confusing visual appearance
  • Customers are bombarded with too much information on one page
  • The page links are unorganized and difficult to "navigate"
  • The overal design is just plain unpleasant to look at

This works to your advantage! With the help of the right web designer (that would be me!), it is remarkably easy to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • At an instant, tell your customers what type of business you have and what you have to offer them
  • At at instant, tell your customers that you have a high quality, well-established business that deserves their attention
  • At an instant, tell your customers where to go to find out more information about your business (through a streamlined and easy-to-use navigation bar)
  • Represent the unique personality of your business with the overall look and design of the website
  • Give your customers not too much, nor too little information when they go looking for it
  • Leave your customers with an overall pleasant feeling upon visiting your website